Wurlitzer 200 Electric Piano - Avangarda Red

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This Wurli is 45 years old!!!

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If you like colors here is a beautiful Wurli 200 in our custom Avangarda Red outfit.

We've just finished working on it and the result is great.

We've re-caped the amplifier to het rid of the unwanted hum. We've inastaled some extra reed bar shielding and the output is very clean give that this piano is 45 years old has just gone through a detailed

checkup. We've adjusted every single key to achieve the best performance.The vibrato works great and the oux out signal is clean.It features a very nice action do to the lubrication we've done.

This 200 model features this crunchy

The piano operates on 230 V 

Comes with the set of four legs and sustain pedal.